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311W Beam Moving Head Light

1. Equipped with 1 OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 311W discharge lamp
2.Straight and sharp Beam
3.X/Y move fast
4.High output: 1050,000lux at 5m

WOP-Beam311 311W beam moving head light is a new generation of beam moving head light with exquisite appearance, small size and light weight. Equipped with 1 OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 311W discharge lamp. The advanced optical lens group can form a beam angle of 2°. Its straight and sharp 2° beam enables the bright beam to cut the smoke from the air, and the rotatable and superimposable 8 prism and 16 prism produce exquisite beam effects of different shapes. The high output illuminance can reach 1,050,000lux at 5 meters, 480,000lux at 10 meters, 240,000 lux at 15 meters, and 130,000lux at 20 meters. So it is widely applicable to medium and large performances, bars, night venues and other places.

Voltage:AC90-240V, 50/60Hz

Power consumption:450W

Light Source: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 311W

Pan scan:540°(16bit) Electric correction

Tilt scan:270° (16bit) Electric correction

Color wheel: one color wheel, 14 color with open

Gobo: 16 static gobos with open

Prism 1: 8 facet prism rotating in both directions

Prism 2: 8+16 facet prism rotating in both directions

Dimming: 0-100% full range dimming

Focus: 0-100% motorized focus

Frost: 0-100%

Beam angle: 2°

Channels: 16

Colorful: With Colorful effect

Dimension:  320×272×565mm

packing size:480x480x590mm




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