440W 20R Beam Spot Wash 3 in 1 Moving Head Light
440W 20R Beam Spot Wash 3 in 1 Moving Head Light

Wincode Optronics has launched the 440W 20R Beam Spot Wash 3 in 1 Moving Head Light WOP-M440PRO, a high-output moving head that integrates three features (beam, wash and spot) in a single unit.

The fixture equipped with 1 piece MSD 440R20 (Sirius HRI 440W OSRAM Optional) with a super optical system.

WOP-M440PRO with a high lumen output, beam mode 2° reach 10300lux at 15 meters. With all models it contains two rotating prisms (8-facet and 16-facet); colour wheel with 15 colours (plus CTO) and white. In addition to the linear CMY colour mixing system, it boasts a fixed gobo wheel (with 18 fixed gobos plus white, shaking and bi-directional scrolling at variable speeds) and rotated gobo wheel with 7 interchangeable rotating gobos; individual frost filter and uniformity lens, which can be chosen to adjust the gobo clarity; mechanical dimmer 0-100%; mechanical shutter to imitate led linear dimming; motorised linear focus and zoom.

In ‘Beam’ mode the aperture is 2°-12°, linearly adjustable; in Spot mode, 12°-22° linearly adjustable, and in Wash mode, 22°-50° linearly adjustable, while the head movement offers 540° of pan and 270° of tilt movement, with auto position correction, DMX512, RDM support.

Details as following:

2. Technical Specifications
Power supply
- AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
- 600W
- T 10A
Light Source
- YODN MSD 440R20
ColorTemperature :
- 7800K
Optical system
- High efficiency optical system, delivering extremely powerful output
- High quality dichroic lenses
- Pan: 540°
- Tilt: 270°
- Pan/Tilt moving speed adjustable.
- Automatic Pan/Tilt correction.
- Easy calibration and maintenance by magnetic home positioning.
- Pan/Tilt position lock for transporting protection.
- Blackout, 0~100% smooth simulate LED dimming , independent shutter and various strobe effect.
Color wheel
- Color wheel: 3 color wheels with 5 color plus white
- Rainbow effect in both directions.
Gobo wheel
- Gobo Wheel : 1 Fixed gobo wheel with 18 gobos plus open
1 Rotated gobo wheel with 7 gobos plus open
- Prism 1: 16 facet prism rotating in both directions
- Prism 2: 8prism rotating in both directions
- Electronic focus effect
- Motorized linear zoom system, zoom range : 2°-50°
- DMX 512
- Date input/output: 3/5 Pin XLR socket
- 23Kg
- 667× 335×393mm

490× 410×770mm


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