Do you know the difference between floodlights and spotlights
Do you know the difference between floodlights and spotlights

The so-called spotlight is a kind of lamp that uses a reflector or a spotlight lens three years later to produce a kind of visible light. Therefore, spotlight is also known as a reflector. Spotlight is a kind of lamp with simple spot light type. Its illumination intensity is relatively high and the illumination range is relatively narrow. The light source belongs to a kind of central light source. We often regard spotlight as a kind of central light source It is used in some studios, indoor studios or some large shopping malls, shops and other places. Among these many spotlights, the most popular one is LED spotlight.

Spotlight for many years, floodlights and spotlights have been the necessary equipment for indoor photographers. Nowadays, many professional photographers use complex strobe lights for indoor photography, but continuous floodlights and spotlights are still widely used. Beginners of indoor photography should use floodlights and spotlights as their preferred lighting tools. The reason is that you can see the lighting effect before shooting, and this kind of light is cheap and easy to control. Since you can see exactly the image on the film in advance, you can undoubtedly move the lamp around or arrange the position of the subject to achieve the effect you need.
Floodlights and spotlights are powerful incandescent lights that work with normal household current. They look like household electric lights, but in fact, they emit more light, less yellow light, and have a much shorter life span.

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