Introduction to the uses and features of led wall washer
Introduction to the uses and features of led wall washer

Nowadays, the led wall washer, outdoor lighting lamps, are really popular on the market and liked by many people. And outdoor lighting lamps can be seen from many streets and alleys such as hotels, buildings, parks, squares, and so on. As for the outdoor led wall washer, many people may know wall washing, but they may not know the product characteristics of the led wall washer. Then let the editor of Wincode Optronics introduce what the led wall washer light is.

As the name suggests, a led wall washer refers to make light like water wash the wall. It is mainly used for the decoration and illumination of buildings and outlining the profile of enormous buildings, with the features like power-saving, high light effect, rich colors, long service life, and so on. Then let me introduce the application occasions and achievable effect of led wall washers which is controlled by built-in microchip and can be used without controllers in small engineering applications, and it can realize some dynamic effect such as gradual change, jumping change, color flashing, random flashing, gradual alternation, and so on., and the effect of pursuing and scanning by DMX control.

Since 2013, LED wall washer lights have been applied to various occasions, such as wall lighting, hotel buildings lighting, historic buildings lighting, entertainment venues, and so on. The scope involved is wider and wider. From indoor to outdoor, and local brightened to overall brightened, both of them are the improvement and development of its level.

Nowadays, numerous LED wall washer lights are lanched into lighting engineering. In several years, LED wall washers will become the must-have in lighting engineering. The development direction of the LED wall washer is small and light in size.

By means of the advantage of different illumination with other lighting lamps, LED wall washer lights occupy a place in the lighting fixtures. The wall washer not only has a long service life but is also rich in colors, diverse, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. They can be used for the project of the city lighting, and the wall illumination of some buildings, and the lighting of some historic buildings, and they also play a role in outlining the profile of buildings, which makes their application scope wider and wider.

Because the led wall washer has the features of power-saving and eco-friendly, it can work outdoor for a long time, which causes no waste towards limited resources, promotes the development of the lighting of the city night view, and plays a good role in decoration. Its cost performance of use is higher than others.

LED wall washer has a long service life, its light source is applied lamp beads, and the life span of light source reaches to 50000hours. During its real work time, it can show a better effect, and its functions and quality won't be affected and damaged by the outside environment so that it has a good application effect, and can attain a long-term using effect without too complicated maintenance and protection. The whole working process is really stable, the appearance rate of trouble is low, its strengths can be fulfilled better.

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