Stage Lights hot sale in WINCODE OPTRONICS CO., LTD
Stage Lights hot sale in WINCODE OPTRONICS CO., LTD

Stage Lights

The four-color mixing of stage lights is great

The performance of LED stage lights is closely integrated with LED technology, rich in colors, red, green, and blue can be mixed with 16.7 million different colors. Low power, low driving voltage, high luminous efficiency, and energy-saving. Safe without radiation and ultraviolet rays. Long lifespan, the theoretical service life can reach 100,000 hours. Compared with traditional stage lamps, the price of LED stage lamps on the market in 2014 is higher. Now led stage lights have begun to popularize. The price-quality ratio is really high! Really recommend!

The most common color-changing and color mixing applications, LED par lights, floodlights, wall washers, are commonly used in large-scale stage performances, evening parties, concerts, outdoor performances, urban lighting projects, building decoration, and so on. The application of pattern lights, including lanterns, magic lights, chrysanthemum lights, is most commonly used in indoor performances, entertainment venues, such as bars, discos, dance halls, KTV rooms, etc. The application of decorative effects, such as light bars, light strips, flashing lights, starry sky curtains, etc., are often used in festival decorations, building decorations, stage performance decorations, etc.

Classified by purpose, LED stage lights are commonly used in stage lighting. First, stage performances. ①LED par lights, similar in appearance to long downlights, but small in size. According to the specifications, there are par 64, par 56, par 46, and par. 38, Par 36, and so on. ②LED pattern effect lights, the technical application of LED lights and patterns, known as lanterns, common LED moon lanterns, LED magic lights, LED three-claw fish. ③LED moving headlight does not have the pattern effect of traditional moving head light, it is an LED par light with a more abundant scanning effect. ④LED strobe, generally use low-power lamp beads. ⑤LED display screens, stage performances, bars are the most common and are also widely used in outdoor public places, advertisements, and so on. Second, stage lighting, ① LED flood light, wall washer, soft light, generally use high-power LED lamp beads, which are round, bar, and square. ②LED audience lights, used for stage performance lighting, common four-eye and eight-eye lights. Third, stage decoration and effects, ① LED light bars, light strips, channel lights, waterfall lights, tree lights, guardrail tubes are generally used for stage performances for decoration, and more are used for urban lighting projects. ②LED floor tiles are commonly found in bars, dance halls, and large evening parties. ③LED stage curtain, also called starry sky curtain, the latest application of LED lamp beads and stage curtain. ④LED imitation, the common ones are imitation fruits, animals, and other graphics.

To this day, stage lights have already been applied for many industries, and we can see stage lights everywhere in our daily lives. When we participate in a concert, stage lights can provide a good feeling for singers and dancers, and also visual beauty for audiences. For instance, stage lights can also be utilized for the performance of stages in universities or the year party in companies. All in all, stage lights have already become the must-have in some industries. I will recommend stage lights manufacturers, like WINCODE OPTRONICS CO., LTD with cheap price and high-quality products.

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