The Top Safety tips of Moving Head Wash
The Top Safety tips of Moving Head Wash

Moving Head Beam, Moving Head Lights, Stage lights

Looking for the best ways to maintain Moving Head Lights? This article will show you how to clean the lights and how to keep them safe.

Cleaning the inside and outer parts of lights regularly will enhance the brilliance of the machine. Use a neat and clean cloth to clean the lights and make sure that you remove all dust carefully.

Standard power supply

Moving Head Beam can be damaged by excessively high voltages and extremely low voltages. Therefore, be careful when using the voltage supply for the Moving head beam.

Safety Tips

Here are a few safety tips that you can follow while cleaning:

It would help if you did not attempt to modify the electronic circuits of the machine.

  • Don't let combustible fluids, water, and metals fall into the installation
  • Don't use the Moving Head Lights in the following situation:
  • When relative humidity is high;
    1. During bad and lightning environment;
    2. When the temperature is more than 40 ℃ and less than 0 ℃;
    3. When the close temperature is lower than 30 ℃ or more than 80 ℃

    Starting lights

    1. Avoid opening the light force supply of more than one PC simultaneously. This will cause enormous voltage list remuneration to the light board and easily result in damage.
    2. It is best not to use electronic lighting simultaneously; instead, focus on reducing the power drop when several lights are on simultaneously, stopping lights from lighting on or hampering, or turning off lights at precise time frames.
    3. After the lights go out, you should let the light cool for 10 minutes before turning it on again.
    4. When pulling the electrical cable, hold the attachment protection shell out and don't pull the cable straight.

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