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24×10W RGBW 4 In 1 Outdoor LED Wall Washer Light

1. 24×10W/15W/18W RGBW/RGBWA/RGBWA+UV 4/5/6 LEDs
2. IP65 outdoor
3. Linear dimming
  • WOP-LW24104

  • Wincode Optronics

The WOP-LW24 series consists of three outdoor LED wall washer lights: WOP-LW24104, WOP-LW24155, and WOP-LW24186. Each model features 24 powerful LEDs with varying wattages and color configurations. These wall washer lights are designed for outdoor use and are constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. With their IP65 rating, they are resistant to dust, water, and other outdoor elements.

Product Features:

1.High-quality LED Technology: Equipped with TianXin 4in1/5in1/6in1 LEDs, delivering vibrant and dynamic colors.

2.Multiple LED Configurations: Choose between 4in1 (RGBW), 5in1 (RGBAW), or 6in1 (RGBAW+UV) LED setups to suit your lighting needs.

3.Wide Beam Angle Options: Select between 25°, 45°, or 60° beam angles to achieve the desired lighting coverage.

4.Versatile Control Options: Supports DMX-512 control, standalone mode, master/slave mode, and sound-active mode.

5.Flexible Dimming Modes: Offers 4 linear or curved dimmer modes for smooth and precise light intensity adjustments.

6.Advanced Features: Includes 16-bit PWM dimming, HDTV video flicker-free performance, and RDM compatibility for enhanced control.

7.Temperature Monitoring and Protection: Monitors the working temperature and provides over-temperature protection to ensure safe operation.

8.Intelligent Cooling System: Incorporates an intelligent cooling system to maintain optimal operating temperatures and prolong LED lifespan.

9.User-Friendly Design: Features an LED display menu for easy operation and preset colors for quick lighting setups.

10.Built-in Programs: Offers built-in auto and fade programs for automated lighting effects.

11.Waterproof Design: IP65-rated outdoor design with waterproof AC power and DMX connections.

12.Sturdy Construction: Made with aluminum die-casting for durability and reliability.

13.Easy Installation: Compact and lightweight design for easy installation and transportation.

WOP-LW2410424pcs 10W 4in1(RGBW) LEDs
WOP-LW2415524pcs 15W 5in1(RGBAW) LEDs
WOP-LW2418624pcs 18W 6in1(RGBAW+UV) LEDs
Voltage Input:100-240V AC, 50/60HzFeatures:
. 16bit PWM Dimming
. HDTV Video Flicker Free
. 3 DMX Channel Modes
. Protocol RDM Compatible
. Working Temperature Monitoring
. Over-temperature Protection
. Intelligent Cooling System
. LED Display Menu On/Off
. Sound Active Mode
. Preset Colors.
. Built-in Auto and Fade Program
. IP65 AC power In/Out Cable for IP65
. IP65 3-pin DMX In/Out Cable for IP65
LED Type:TianXin 4in1/5in1/6in1 LEDs
Beam Angle:25 °/45 °/60 °
Optical Lens Size:29mm
Protocol:USITT DMX-512, RDM compatiable
DMX Channel Mode:4/8 or 5/9 or 6/10
Control Mode:DMX-512, Standalone, Master/slave, Sound active
Dimmer Mode:4 Linear or Curver Dimmer Modes
PWM Dimming:16bit PWM Dimming at 1000HZ
Body Material:Aluminum Die-casting
Waterproo Grade:IP65 Outdoor
Product Size1000X110X160mm
Net Weight.:5.5Kgs
Carton Size.:1100x300x350mm   4pcs/carton
Gross Weight.:18Kgs


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