Long-term cooperation with TOP10 suppliers of stage lighting accessories industry to ensure product quality.


Offer following service: 1). Appearance Designs: concept design--Sketch--Color--3D Modeling--Rendering.
2). Structure Designs: Pro/E--Parts--assembly drawing--Prototype.
3). Integrated Circuit Design And Software Design


Wincode Opetronics has more than 10 years of manufacturing and exporting. We exported to Germany, Spain, France,USA,Canada,UK...all over the world.

WINCODE OPTRONICS was registered since 2014 as a manufacture and trading enterprise, though it has had been running as a factory since 2009. As smooth growing, we moved out from Guangzhou to Foshan, in a town lying by Guangzhou. expanding factory space from 800 square meters to 1200 square meters, production lines from 4 to 6 lines. Our new place stands by a master road of the town, allowing us to load containers much more conveniently, and provides more decent working environment.

Lighting and human experience are inter connected things, when it comes to lighting events and studios, it gets all the more important and you need the best event and studio lights. We offer you led blinder light and a host of other lights that you can use in events and here is why you should be choosing our lights.

Smart and bespoke solutions:

Whether you are looking for sharpy light or wall washer lights, your market demand can be dynamic and we make sure that you get customized solutions. If you want a certain type of moving head wash lights, then we can get you that through our smart design and prototyping tools. The fact of the matter is that we can customize any light that could be a moving head beam or wall washer or nay other lights for that matter.

The reasons to choose us:

•We are a light manufacturer that has been producing lights such as led wall washer lights and other lights for a decade now and we have learned the art of it •We have been operating in the market successfully through our smart supplier support system because we believe in giving you the best assistance that you need when you buy various lights such as moving head lights •We are the best OEM and ODM supplier that can help you in getting the right lights manufactured and delivered such as all types of led studio lighting and the cost we offer is good and affordable If you have been looking for the best quality led moving head lights and other lighting solutions, then you should not be looking beyond us and we are sure that you are going to find lights that are offered by Wincode Optronics are extremely creative and beautiful, so, get the light snow.
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