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80W LED Beam Moving Head Light

1. Equipped with 1 piece 80W white color high output LED
2. Beam Angle:2°
3. 5 meters illuminated lumens: 62000lux
4. 10 meters illumination lumens: 16350lux
5.  1 color wheel with 13 colors+open 
6. 1 fixed gobo wheel with 13 gobos + open
  • WOP-LM80B
  • Wincode Optronics



Lamp source:80W high power white LED;

Light source life: 80000h

Color temperature: 6800K

5 meters illuminated lumens: 62000lux

10 meters illumination lumens: 16350lux

Control Mode:DMX512/Maser/Auto/Sound;

DMX Channel:16/20 DMX Channels;

Beam Angle:2°;

Work scene: suitable for any safe indoor work scene

Built-in RDM, you can directly adjust the address code with the console

Display mode: LCD display, lamp temperature display, Chinese and English display, reverse display

Color Wheel: 13 colors + open, rainbow effect, half color change effect

Fixed gobo Wheel: 13 gobos +open,gobo shaking, pattern water effect

Double prism disk: 8 prisms, 16 prisms Prism rotation effect (magnifying mirror can choose honeycomb mirror)

Focusing effect

X-axis: 540° (16-bit) motor correction

Y-axis: 270° (16-bit) motor correction

Automatic XY error correction, rich built-in program

Dimming level: 0-100% perfect linear dimming system

Strobe: Synchronous pulse strobe, random pulse strobe

Waterproof rating: IP20, indoor use

High temperature resistant engineering plastic case + aluminum base

Net weight: 12kg

Gross weight: 14kg


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