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A3 MA DMX Controller For Moving Head Lights Stage Live Show

A3 Controller
  • WOP-MA3

  • Wincode Optronics

• Linux operating system

• Built-in 3 electric lifting 15.4-inch industrial full-view touch screen, 1 9-inch touch screen

• powerful i5CPU, 4G memory, built-in solid state drive

• 6 DMX output ports, 1 composite DMX input port (can be set as output),

• Up to 65536 channels can be connected to the NPU

• 30 electric replay faders with sensor function (60mm), 80 executive buttons

• 1 total control putter • 1 dimming wheel

• 1 controllable XY axis high precision imported trackball

• 2 A/B field electric push rods (100mm)

• 7 imported industrial grade wear-resistant encoders (with Push function)

• 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, support MA NET, ARTNET, etc.

• 5 USB ports, 1 backup USB port

• 2 work light interfaces

• 2 DVI interfaces, expandable two displays

• MIDI input and output interface

• Built-in 2 drawers, built-in yellow backlit mechanical keyboard (backlight brightness adjustable)

• Wide-voltage industrial power supply 100V-240V 50/60Hz

• Built-in high power UPS uninterruptible power supply

• Support RDM function


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