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Beam480 IP66 Outdoor Beam Moving Head Light

WOP-Beam480IP is equipped with 1 Original OSRAM 461W discharge lamp, high-precision multi-group glued optical lens to create sharpy, strong light beam, 14 fixed gobos, 13colors + white light, half color effect, rotated prism, RDM,DMX512 control, real IP66. 
  • WOP-Beam480IP

  • Wincode Optronics

lnput voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZRated power: 680W

Bulb brand: Original Osram 461W

Focusing and lens: high-precision multi-group glued opticallens. linear motorized focusing

Strobe: Double strobe structure,0.5-9t/s adjustable.

Dimming: 0-100% linear adjustment.

color: 13colors + white light, half color effect

Color temperature: 8500K

Fixed gobo: 14 fixed gobos

Prism: Rotate the eight prism or sixteen prism to reverse rotation,

Prisms can be superimposed to create a multi-layer beam effect

Beam angle: 2°

Channel Mode : 16/20CH

Control signal: DMX512,RDM, self-propelled, voice control

Motor: The motors are composed of special motors for hightemperature, low grease and waterproof lamps

Appearance material of lamps: using national standard die-casting aluminum,

die-casting magnesium alloy high-endmaterial shell!No plastic, can be used in rainy, high altitude,windy sand, seaside, severe cold and heat, etc.Use in harshoutdoor environments

Protection level: withstand 360  of huge waves without deadends, and truly achieve the waterproof Ip66

Applicable places: outdoor cultural tourism, scenic spots, parks,fountains, night tours, roofs, large outdoor performances, scenic lighting and other places


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