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How to choose Beam Moving Head Lights for Night Club, Shows,Tour..

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How to choose Beam Moving Head Lights for Night Club, Shows,Tour..

Wincode Optronics’ New Beam Moving Head Lights in Night Club Application

In recent years, beam moving head lights have been widely used in various large-scale performances, bars, and night venues, which have brought visual impact and shock to the performance bar, brighten up the performance. The increasing height of bars, night scenes, performance stages pursuits of higher brightness and sense of the beam of the moving head beam. The classic beam lamp 7R sharpy soon cannot satisfy the demand any more.

Therefore Wincode Optronics has newly launched WOP-Beam271, WOP-Beam311 and WOP-Beam380, which are designed with narrow beam angel, ultra-thick beam and ultra-bright beam moving head series.

Following are tips to choose beam light for different height:

1. Height within 5 meter like bar, night clubs, small stages  

Beam moving head like 1R,2R and even 230W 7R sharpy Beam Moving Head Light were widely used in show scenes of height under 5 meters. But nowadays most of 1R and 2R have fade away from stages. While 7R is too bright for the height. What light can take the place of 1R and 2R ? LED beam moving head will do. It is recommended for LED chips is of more long life, energy saving and environment-friendly. It requires less replacement of lamps than discharge lamps, after all, lamp replacement costs a lot.

WOP-LM80B LM3016

WOP-LM80B 80W LED beam moving head is designed with 2 degrees beam angle, the brightness can reach 62000lux at distance 5 meters, and 16450 lux at 10 meters. Absolutely perfect for 5 meters height of entertainment places. 

Illuminance chart as below:


As a better solution, WOP-LM3016 150W LED beam moving head can reach 150000 lux at 5 meters height, 35200 lux at 10 meters. It is a perfect choice to replace 2R, and even the 5R/7R Sharpy Beam moving head light. Check the Illuminance chart as follow:


2. places of height below 15 meters: upper air stage, disco clubs, night shows etc.

The height of 15 meters upper air stages requires stronger beam. Only if the beam light with brightness exceed 300,000 lux in 10 meters distance can cut the air, and with a big diameter light outlet can bring thicker and stronger vision of light beam. WOP-Beam271 and WOP-Beam311 launched lately by WINCODE OPTRONICS are born for this purpose, with outstanding optical design of 140 mm light outlet, lumen of 820,000 lux at 5 meters and 613,000 lux at 10 meters.




3. Bars, live house stages and other places with an altitude of about 25 meters require even higher requirements for beam lights. Here we recommend WOP-Beam311 or WOP-Beam380 Sharpy Beam Moving Head Light


The light effect diagram of WOP-Beam311 is as follows:


The light effect diagram of WOP-Beam380 is as follows:


So which one would you like ?

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