The service life of led studio lights is relative to these five factors!
The service life of led studio lights is relative to these five factors!

The development of studio lighting, from the non-dimmable of tungsten lamp to the three-basic-color lamp of the analog dimming, and then to the current mainstream of the market digital dimming of the led fresnel spotlight, each new creation of the lamp adds much vitality and level for the studio lighting system and greatly improves the performance and production quality of TV shows. Then as the most concerning issue to you, what is the service life of led studio lights mainly relative to? There are mainly five factors as follows:

The damage of power module

As for the lighting fixture, in the limited volume, the led module is close to the position of the power supply, LED emit a lot of heat when they work, and some power supply devices are sensitive to heat. If the lamp heat dissipation is not rational, or the quality of components and parts is not up to standard, the power supply modules used will damage frequently. The direct performance of power supply modules damage is that the lamp can not be connect energized or is suddenly off when used. Special version: WINCODE led profile spotlight is equipped with a detachable power supply with good heat dissipation, convenient maintenance, and a low damage rate.

The damage of lamp bead modules

At present, LED lamps are all applied the lamp bead modular technology that can combine many LED point sources or LED modules according to a certain amount and shape through the integration packaging, which satisfies the requirements of different lamp power and categories. But many lamp bead modules will get burned partly or entirely after using a period of time because of the irrational design of the heat dissipation structure and the defect in the craftsmanship of the lamp bead module. The direct performance of the lamp bead modules' damage is that the brightness decreases obviously, there are evident dark lines on light spots, or the lamp is completely dark.

Light failure

There is always the problem of light failure in lamps. It refers to that the brightness will be less than the original and not get restored after used in a period of time, and that is to say, the part of the decline is called a light failure of the LED. The over quick light failure is a serious defect of poor lamps.

Color temperature drifting

Same as the light attenuation, the color temperature drifting is also an unavoidable problem in led ellipsoidal lights after using a long time. The color temperature drifting does not refer to that the phenomenon happens during silicone embedment but refers to that after using a period of time, with the function of heat mechanism, the light decay of LED chips is strengthened, and the LED color temperature with a bad heat dissipation will obviously change and not keep the original. And this phenomenon is not called color temperature decrease but drifting because the change of the color temperature can ascend and decrease. Color temperature drifting will cause the different color temperatures of each lamp and affect the consequence of the recording program because the degree of color temperature attenuation is different.

The problem of the fans

For the LED lamp initiative dissipating through the fans, the normal operation of the fans is the basis of its stable work for a long time. The damage of lamp beads and power supply modules is caused by the damage of the fans used in a period of time or the decrease of heat dissipation capacity that can not be up to the standard of the design. Additionally, after thousands of hours of use, many fans of LED lamps and lanterns will cause noise increase due to dust and other reasons, which also seriously affect the production of programs. It is necessary to clean up the dust, and if the problem is serious, the fans should get replaced. Therefore, the problem of the led leko fans not only requires manufacturers to select high-quality fans but also requires operators to clean up the dust of lamp fans regularly to enable LED lamps to work normally for a long time. Special version: WINCODE led studio lights without a fan, possess all-natural air-cooling heat dissipation, no noise, easy to use worry.

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