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300W-500W IP65 Outdoor LED Logo Light Gobo Light With Zoom

1. Equipped with 1×3000W/400W/500W LED
2.Beam angle:11-60°
3.1 Color Wheel: 7+open
4.1 fixed gobo wheel (optional)
5.1 rotated gobo wheel: 7+open
6.Extended functions: support RDM, wireless signals is available

LED power: 300W 400W


Total power: 320W 420W


Light source type: LED Osram chip

Rated voltage: AC110V/240V 50-60HZ

Number of light sources: 1PS

Lamp life: 50000 hours

Bulb color temperature: 6500K- -7000K

Dimming curve: 0-100%

Channel Mode: 10/12 Channels

Connection method: hand in hand connection

Heat dissipation method: conduction air cooling

Display mode: LED touch LCD display

Colors: 1 color wheel (seven colors + white light) adjustable speed rainbow (optional)

Effect disk 1: 1 fixed LOGO disk (optional)

Effect gobo: 1 rotating gobo wheel (built-in 7 independent rotating gobos) and rotating effect

With variable speed jitter effect, two-way variable speed flow effect

Prism: three prisms, four prisms, eight prisms (optional)

Focusing function: 11-60° electronic focusing

Protection function: with electronic positioning function, light source overheating protection

Control mode: international standard DMX512/manual/master-slave mode control

Other methods: intelligent offline automatic operation mode, set the effect in the lamp to run automatically after power on

Temperature mode: real-time monitoring of light source temperature

Adjustment method: manual adjustment

Adjustment angle: up and down adjustment>180°

Internal protection: electronic moisture-proof process treatment

Working environment: -25° /+35°

Protection class: IP65

Shell material: die-casting mold + aluminum profile

Lamp body size: 551*300*445mm


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