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300W-500W IP65 Outdoor LED Logo Light Gobo Light With Zoom

1. Equipped with 1×3000W/400W/500W LED
2.Beam angle:11-60°
3.1 Color Wheel: 7+open
4.1 fixed gobo wheel (optional)
5.1 rotated gobo wheel: 7+open
6.Extended functions: support RDM, wireless signals is available

  • Wincode Optronics

Product Description

The LED Logo Light is a high-quality outdoor lighting solution designed for branding and advertisement purposes. It features a powerful LED light source with options of 300W, 400W, or 500W, providing bright and vibrant illumination. With its IP65 rating, this light is resistant to dust and water, making it suitable for outdoor installations.

Product Features:

  1. Adjustable Beam Angle: The LED Logo Light offers a beam angle range of 11-60°, allowing for precise lighting control and flexibility in projecting logos or designs.

  2. Color and Gobo Wheels: It includes a color wheel with seven colors plus an open position for customizable lighting effects. Additionally, there is an optional fixed gobo wheel and a rotating gobo wheel with seven gobos plus an open position for dynamic projection effects.

  3. Extended Functions: The light supports RDM (Remote Device Management) and offers wireless signal compatibility, providing enhanced control and connectivity options.

  4. Focusing Function: With an electronic focusing feature, the beam angle can be adjusted electronically from 11 to 60 degrees, ensuring accurate and sharp projection of logos or designs at various distances.

  5. Prism Options: The LED Logo Light offers optional prism attachments, including three prisms, four prisms, and eight prisms, which can create stunning and complex light effects.

  6. Durable and Weatherproof: The light is built with a die-casting mold and aluminum profile shell, ensuring durability and resistance to harsh outdoor conditions. It is IP65-rated, providing protection against dust and water ingress.

  7. Multiple Control Modes: The light can be controlled via international standard DMX512 protocol, manual control, or master-slave mode. It also features an intelligent offline automatic operation mode, where pre-set effects can run automatically upon power-on.

  8. Energy-efficient and Long-lasting: The LED light source with Osram chip offers a long lifespan of 50,000 hours, reducing maintenance requirements and providing energy efficiency.

Product parameters

LED power: 300W 400W 500W

Total power: 320W 420W  520W

Light source type: LED Osram chip

Rated voltage: AC110V/240V 50-60HZ

Light Source: 1 LED

Lamp life: 50000 hours

Bulb color temperature: 6500K- -7000K

Dimming curve: 0-100%

Channel Mode: 10/12 Channels

Connection method: hand in hand connection

Heat dissipation method: conduction air cooling

Display mode: LED touch LCD display

Colors: 1 color wheel (seven colors + white light) adjustable speed rainbow (optional)

Effect disk 1: 1 fixed LOGO disk (optional)

Effect gobo: 1 rotating gobo wheel (built-in 7 independent rotating gobos) and rotating effect

With variable speed jitter effect, two-way variable speed flow effect

Prism: three prisms, four prisms, eight prisms (optional)

Focusing function: 11-60° electronic focusing

Protection function: with electronic positioning function, light source overheating protection

Control mode: international standard DMX512/manual/master-slave mode control

Other methods: intelligent offline automatic operation mode, set the effect in the lamp to run automatically after power on

Temperature mode: real-time monitoring of light source temperature

Adjustment method: manual adjustment

Adjustment angle: up and down adjustment>180°

Internal protection: electronic moisture-proof process treatment

Working environment: -25° /+35°

Protection class: IP65

Shell material: die-casting mold + aluminum profile

Lamp body size: 551*300*445mm


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